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YummyBubbles Luxury Handmade Bath Product Boutique

Bespoke eCommerce Website Design

Bespoke eCommerce Website Design for Luxury Bath Product Store

I developed YummyBubbles as a luxury handmade bath product boutique and so a bespoke eCommerce website design was essential for this website to differentiate them from competitors. As a web developer, it is so nice to work on a wide range of businesses. I knew I wanted the handmade bath products to stand out on this page more than the website itself so I developed the dark theme to be easy on the eye and allow the product photos to pop out along with the bright orange and blue colours of the logo that I designed.

Included Content & Important Pages

I made this website with a home page, about page, contact page with form. fully integrated online shop, and privacy page. It was essential to draw in a target audience that knew these products were special and different from generic, store bought soaps and bath bombs so the website had to show this. Use of great, bright images really helped to convey this message across. The website has the all important blog page as regular posts and news updates help draw in more google clicks!

Get the most out of product photos.

I took all the photos included in this online store,  then I edited all of them so that they looked fantastic before reducing the file size as much as possible without sacrificing image quality. Good product photos are essential as they give a professional air to any business. The other important part about any images on a website is to make sure to include all relevant alt tags in the backend of your website. Google uses these tags to know what your image contains and good alt tags will help your Google ranking and also to get you on Google image search.

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