LadyfyreGraphics Artists Website and Woocommerce Content Store

LadyfyreGraphics Artists Website and Digital Downloads

Artist Website & eCommerce

Ladyfyre-Graphics Fully Responsive Website & eCommerce Store

Ladyfyre-Graphics is a little bit different from all of the other websites that I have created in that it serves a triple purpose. It is a digital artist’s website incorporating blog posts, tutorials, an art gallery to showcase her work and a WooCommerce store with digital downloadable items.

Dark Theme

As this website primarily displays artwork I chose a soft, muted shade of charcoal black to allow the images to become the focus. In the same vein, I kept the website quite plain with only the needed headings and menus.


With the website running on WordPress it was easy to add a plugin that added extra functionality to the stock WordPress gallery. Once setup this made curating and cataloguing images a simple procedure and also gives you a shortcode to add individual themed galleries or albums to pages and posts. This was invaluable on this website as there is a huge amount of images and just using the stock gallery was too slow to find and add the required images to posts.

Blog Posts & Tutorials

The tutorials and blog posts on this website’s are what provide most of the traffic from Google and other search engines. It also provides a second income stream from affiliate sales with carefully targets ads peppered through the articles and on the sidebar.

Digital Download Store

This store does not sell any tangible goods but instead digital downloads in zip archives. It also gives away a lot of free downloads which have been set up to not require going through the shopping cart but still be part of the store helping to draw customers in by the quality of their work.

Screenshots of Ladyfyre-Graphics